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Self-Growth: Meditation

I just signed up for the Chopra Center’s 21-Day Meditation Challenge which starts tomorrow & BOY, DO I NEED IT!!! Seriously, I am so thankful because this could not have come at a more difficult, unnerving, challenging time!

I won’t go into all the details here, but 1 week after my mother got sick, was hospitalized & released, my father fell ill & had to be hospitalized! My sisters & I have had ZERO downtime in 2 weeks. We’ve been constantly taking care of our parents, running errands, visiting them in the hospital for hours, taking them to follow-up Dr./clinic visits after their release & running even more errands. All of that, plus work, cooking & cleaning. HOW EXHAUSTING! I am emotionally and physically drained. I (and I suspect my sisters as well) have been running on adrenaline, love & faith. The only way we have made it this far was through God’s help. No joke.

I recently tweeted this a few days ago & meant every word-

BahSunflower (@BahSun): 8/12/11 9:44 PM
“I’ve learned a lot about patience, endurance, mental strength, hope, peace, joy, love and the power of prayer in the last 2 weeks.

And positivity.

What a waste it would’ve been to not learn during life’s lessons. Tested and tried. I am thankful for it ALL.”

I am indeed thankful for every season in life, including this one. My parents are happy to be alive & are both on the road to recovery. My sisters & I have become more organized and have banded together to work on tight-knit schedules (we call them ‘shifts’) that have been super effective. We’ve learned that we are stronger than we think, individually & as a unit. When we put our minds to it, we can handle anything!

So back to MEDITATION. This is not my first experience with it. In college, my good Korean friend Jung Un Song introduced me to ‘Maum Meditation’, which is very popular in his beloved Seoul, South Korea. I was very skeptical, first of the process, then of the thought of actually being able to quiet my own mind but THIS WORKED. I was hooked after the first session. After a few more sessions, all the stress of college that I carried as a weight on my back & within was lifted. I felt light & free, happy & in peace.

Unfortunately, returning to my usual routine years later, I’d completely let go of everything I learned & experienced through meditation. I am SO READY to do this again. I never meditated consistently for 21 days before, so I’m hoping that this will be habit-forming.

Wish me luck…and if you’re interested in joining the challenge, sign up to be sent meditation audio clips starting August 15th – it’s FREE! => chopracentermeditation.com

Just as a note: you’ll be given the option to register either via Facebook or email. I decided to use my email because I don’t want to have to check Facebook everyday for my meditations. But, if you choose to go the Facebook route, you will open yourself up to a worldwide community of thousands who are also taking the challenge & encouraging each other. It’s up to you!



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