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Self-Growth: Changing my life…again.

Well, my birthday has come & past in mid-December. Twenty-six years young. One of my favourite life mottos comes from the meaning of a West African adinkra symbol, Sesa Wo Suban; “I change or transform my life.” I discovered it at age 20 and promised to live by its meaning for the rest of my life. Since then I’ve lost a ton of weight, gained it back and lost it again. I grew my natural hair out, chopped the chemically straight parts & let the afro flourish for a few years. In 2008, I bit the bullet & locked my hair (got 436 sisterlocks…whew!). Raw veganism, veganism, pescatarianism, 21 days water fasting – what didn’t I do to help change or improve my body? But more important than the changes to my body were the changes that took place in my spirit.

The more I matured, the more I craved a truer relationship with God and NOT religion. The importance of church-speak, church politics, even the busyness of doing God’s work IN CHURCH…have decreased dramatically in my eyes. What’s more prudent is that I share God’s love with all I encounter outside of church walls, in both tangible & intangible ways; “work the works of Jesus”. Would Jesus be a Christian if he were alive today? The more i ponder this question, the more I think ‘NO’. Releasing the small mindedness has also attributed a lot of spiritual growth. The less time I spent judging others, the more time I’ve had to spot & work on my own shortcomings. Imagine that.

Travel-wise, I’m proud to say I put on my ‘big girl draws’ and traveled by myself to another country in summer of 2011. If you knew me, you’d know this is HUGE. I’ve gone from shy & scary to adventurous & (somewhat) fearless. Now granted this country is Canada…lol…the country where I attended college…AND I visited an English speaking province, British Columbia…so the experience was not that difficult, I’m still proud of myself. Victoria, BC was amazing & I’ll share more on that in another post.

All I can say is that I will never truly understand those who are afraid of change. It is a wonderful, constant thing. I look forward to the changes of 2012!!!

P.s. I always wanted to get a tattoo of the phrase ‘Sesa Wo Suban‘ in college but was thankfully talked out of it by a dear friend. Not that I’ve outgrown the message but at this stage in my life, I have no desire to have anything permanently tatted on my skin. Anyway, take a look at what I’m referring to:


“Change or transform your character “

symbol of life transformation

This symbol combines two separate adinkra symbols, the “Morning Star” which can mean a new start to the day, placed inside the wheel, representing rotation or independent movement” – Adinkra.org



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