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…Victoria, BC, that is. I stayed in Victoria from June 24th to July 5th and enjoyed every single minute of my time there! If I could move to Canada tomorrow, Victoria would definitely be in my list of top 3 cities to consider. The weather – perfect, the people – friendly, the lifestyle – just lovely.

I’ve put off posting about my awesome trip to western Canada for far too long…and mainly because I knew I’d have to sift through literally thousands of pictures that I took over 11 days in order to post just a few. In order to tackle my thoughts on my visit to Victoria, it’s best to split each post by day-to-day events.

Semper Liber…ALWAYS FREE! Fantastic city motto! Cheers!



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Bahamas born. Addicted to travel. In love with sunflowers. Blogging through my discovery of self & the world around me.


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