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HELLO THERE! It’s time to clear the cobwebs away! My blog has been on a month-long hiatus in October during my travels. I absolutely had the time of my life in London and Europe; so much so that I barely had the energy to even email, much less blog. I am so excited to share my experiences with you all. I’ve been a bit lazy since my return home last week, needing inspiration to return to blogging.

Well – today is November 1st and that means it’s National Blog Post Month aka #NaBloPoMo on Twitter! This challenge encourages daily blog posting – something I have never tried before but am eager to do.

Expect travel reviews, opinions, personal stories and yes, pictures! For now, happy November! It is so great to be back in the blogosphere!



About BahSun

Bahamas born. Addicted to travel. In love with sunflowers. Blogging through my discovery of self & the world around me.


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