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Self-Growth: The Holstee Manifesto

Near the end of November 2011, I ran across this article by the Washington Post on the Holstee Manifesto, an inspirational message that took the internet by storm. [Here is the background story on how it was created]. I decided at that moment to live by the Holstee Manifesto during all of 2012, as an … Continue reading

Self-Growth: How Detoxing Saved My Life

One of my all-time favourite sayings is, “I add so much to my life when I subtract so much from it.” This thought came to me one night as I sat on the floor in my apartment during my final year of college. When people think of college – partying, hooking up, studying, term papers … Continue reading

Self-Growth: Changing my life…again.

Well, my birthday has come & past in mid-December. Twenty-six years young. One of my favourite life mottos comes from the meaning of a West African adinkra symbol, Sesa Wo Suban; “I change or transform my life.” I discovered it at age 20 and promised to live by its meaning for the rest of my … Continue reading

Self-Growth: Don’t Blow It!

You ever come across something or someone special and your immediate reaction is, “DON’T BLOW IT”? I mean, before you have even given a new opportunity or relationship a chance to materialize, you immediately begin to place unnecessary pressure on yourself to perform, to succeed, to get the job, land the man, etc. No? Just … Continue reading

Self-Growth: Meditation

I just signed up for the Chopra Center’s 21-Day Meditation Challenge which starts tomorrow & BOY, DO I NEED IT!!! Seriously, I am so thankful because this could not have come at a more difficult, unnerving, challenging time! I won’t go into all the details here, but 1 week after my mother got sick, was … Continue reading


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