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HELLO THERE! It’s time to clear the cobwebs away! My blog has been on a month-long hiatus in October during my travels. I absolutely had the time of my life in London and Europe; so much so that I barely had the energy to even email, much less blog. I am so excited to share … Continue reading


Say it loud: I tweet & I’m Proud!

  • @TGOSPodcast Have a wedding at City Hall, get your house and live within your means. Don't enter a new life together with huge debt. 21 hours ago
  • Two male friends marrying their lovers this summer. ❤ 2 days ago
  • Waiting on this #Finley wedding ceremony to begin. I love when my friends get married! 2 days ago
  • @msj3nn I love Kendrick Lamar ❤👑 6 days ago
  • RT @msj3nn: Hi, I'm "Disabled Fan" lol what you missed is that the autographed jacket said he was buying me a new wheelchair van. Give him… 6 days ago

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